Become a Leadership Coach



“Being a Silver Leadership Coach gave me the unique opportunity to help students through a crucial time in their development.  It is an experience I will always cherish!”
– Austin, Leadership Coach

Program Background

UNCG is committed to providing students with leadership education, training, and development. The three-tiered Leadership Challenge program helps students work on personal growth initiatives, identify behavioral tendencies, and learn how their actions impact the process of leadership.

 What is Leadership Development Coaching?

Coaching is “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” (from the International Coach Federation)

 What does a Leadership Development Coach do?

You’ll support students through the process of achieving specific personal or professional results within their leadership development through individualized coaching sessions.

Through individualized sessions, you will assist participants in the development of a leadership development plan and challenge them to find answers from within based on their values, preferences, experiences, and unique perspectives.


“Having the opportunity to work one-on-one with my silver leadership coach has been the most authentic and beneficial addition to my leadership journey here at UNCG and beyond.”
-Brandy, UNCG Student

What kind of training will I receive?

The initial training will cover coaching vs. counseling, facilitation tools, helping students identify goals, leadership skills assessment and more. You also have the opportunity to attend monthly educational sessions. These sessions will provide you with the tools you need to become an effective coach.

Benefits of becoming a coach:

There are many benefits from becoming a leadership development coach! You will prepare students for a lifetime of active citizenship and ethical leadership – so these students may become the next leaders in their community. In addition, you will develop your own skills in areas such as active listening, guided discovery, and reflective practices.

 Program commitments and expectations:

As a Leadership Development Coach you will accept a coaching term of  one academic year.

You will likely spend 1-3 hours per week working with your case load of 2-4 students. However, if you want to volunteer but only have time for one or two students, please let us know – we’ll work with you.

 Your Responsibilities:

  • Attend training to become a Silver Challenge Coach
  • When possible, attend the monthly educational sessions
  • Attend the meet and greet program kick-off meeting
  • Facilitate five individual coaching sessions with each student assigned to you
  • Champion participants through the creation and management of the Leadership Development Plan
  • Check and monitor leadership portfolios and poster presentations
  • Keep and maintain coaching notes 
  • Monitor and keep a record of participant progress and program requirements
  • Maintain open and consistent communication
  • Attend the Medallion Ceremony and Expo

About the Client/Coach Relationship:

The program expects that students can count on the coach to support their personal aspirations and leadership growth by asking questions, making observations, and providing a safe, supportive space in which these topics can be discussed.

The coach can count on the student to be committed to the program and follow through with requirements.  Students may also need to work outside of the coaching sessions so that they arrive prepared to engage, be open to feedback and challenge current beliefs.

Both will be committed to the Client/Coach relationship. The Client and Coach may choose to discontinue the coaching relationship at any point in the program.

 Interested in becoming a coach?

If you are interested in becoming a Leadership Development Coach through the Office of Leadership and Service-Learning please click here.

If you have any additional questions please contact April Marshall at