Leadership Development Resources

Designing a leadership development experience for students requires both in-depth theoretical and practical applications which allow for maximum integration of experience and basic knowledge.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

  • Assessments
    UNCG Leadership Questionnaire, Passion Assessment, Links and citations for commonly used leadership/leadership-related assessments.
  • ¬†Civic Engagement Module¬†is an interactive¬†presentation designed to teach students about civic engagement. Students will discuss what civic engagement is, why civic engagement is important, and identify the type of civic engagement they have the strongest preference toward.
  • Leadership Module
    Learn about the Leadership/TEamQUESt module. Explore handouts, reading materials, and suggestions for enhancing student learning.
  • FFL Facilitators Training
  • UNCG Leadership Framework
    The skills and traits UNCG values for student leadership development.
  • OLSL Book Catalogue
    Look through our list of books and journals available for checkout through the OLSL.
  • Workshops
  • Teaching and Facilitation
    A hands-on experiential learning programs.