Civic Engagement Module

Civic Engagement Module

As citizens, we share a common world. As such, it is our responsibility to seek ways to improve our community; this demands civic engagement. But, what does civic engagement mean? What forms might it take in our day to day lives? How is it related to issues of social justice? This 50-minute STUDENT-led module is designed to introduce reflect and discuss what it means to be civically engaged.

What Will Participants Learn?

Students learn about the following:

  • The importance of citizenship
  • A personal definition of what it means to be a citizen leader
  • How to get involved on the campus, community, and larger levels
  • UNCG’s Office of Leadership and Service-Learning community outreach opportunities

Program Details

  • Workshop Module
    Civic Engagement educational modules are offered at the request of all faculty members at UNCG.  Throughout the interactive presentation led by Peer Leadership Educators students will discuss the importance of citizenship, as well as learn how they are able to become involved in the community.
  • Interactive Activities
    The students will engage in interactive activities in order to conceptualize what it means to be a citizen leader. Additionally, each student will be able to discuss social justice, diversity, and what makes a community!

What are the Benefits?

  • Being led by fellow STUDENT CITIZEN LEADERS
  • Identifying personal preferences for citizenship engagement
  • Being able to define community and citizenship
  • The ability to value multiple perspectives on civic issues
  • Discovering different ways to engage at UNCG and in the Greensboro community!

How Do I Sign Up?

Any instructor at UNCG can request a civic engagement module for their class! Please click here to fill out the request form. We will tailor the module for specific classes to meet educational outcomes.