Leadership Module

Leadership Module

What is leadership? How can one develop into a leader? This 50-minute STUDENT-led module will use the UNCG’s 8 competencies of leadership to assist students in the creation of their own definition of what a leader is.

What Will Participants Learn?

Students learn about the following:

  • Personal leadership style
  • How to be a leadership in everyday life
  • Using personal leadership style to maximize group interactions
  • Personal passions
  • UNCG’s 8 Competencies of Leadership
  • Introduction to leadership development opportunities at UNCG

Program Details

  • Workshop Module
    Leadership workshop modules are offered at the request of all faculty members at UNCG.  The 50 minute module introduces students to the 8 competencies of a UNCG leader and explores with students how they can develop their leadership skills while at UNCG. Student Facilitators will provide concrete examples and experiences that can maximize the students’ UNCG leadership development experience.
  • Leadership Assessments
    Two leadership assessments are utilized during the program. OLSL Student Facilitators will work with the instructor to ensure that students complete the individualized Spartan Leadership Assessment and personal Passion Assessment. Participants should  complete and score the assessments prior to the presentation. Generally these instruments are handed out as homework to be completed by the time your class meets with your Leadership Module Facilitators.

What are the Benefits?

  • Learn from STUDENT LEADERS on campus
  • Learning leadership skills and develop a personal definition of a leader
  • Network with other members of the campus and community
  • Become aware of personal strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Learn about ways to get involved in groups and/or activities on campus and the community that align with individual passions, goals, and interests

How Do I Sign Up?

Any instructor at UNCG can request a leadership module for their class! Please click here to fill out the request form. We will tailor the module for specific classes to meet educational outcomes.