The Office of Leadership and Service-Learning offers at least two one-day conferences each year. These programs allow students to learn about themselves, engage with others, develop knowledge and skills in regards to leadership, and find inspiration to go out and utilize those skills in their communities.

Whether you are new to leadership training or have been engaged in leadership for years, there is something for you.

Leadership Academy: This one-day conference, hosted each fall semester, promotes leadership development and cultural awareness among UNCG students. Each year, we focus on a different over-arching theme. Please check back in Fall 2017 for more information about the upcoming year’s Leadership Academy.

Emerging Leaders Conference: This one-day conference, hosted each spring semester, helps connect leader and leadership development with the broader context of the community, future career fields, and more.  Please check back in Spring 2018 for more information about the upcoming year’s Emerging Leaders Conference.

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