Service Trip Program

Mission: Spartan Service Trips immerse students in regional communities and engage them in quality, direct service that promotes education of social and environmental issues. Students reflect on their experiences, and are challenged to grow personally and become active citizens.

Vision: To transform UNCG students into globally conscious, active citizens committed to lifelong use of their knowledge, time & skills to make their community a better place.

As a member of Breakaway, Spartan Service Trips incorporate the Eight Quality Components of an alternative break: Strong Direct Service,  Education, Orientation, Training, Reflection, Reorientation, Diversity, and Alcohol & Drug Free.

Each Spartan Service Trip is comprised of:

  • 2 Trip Leaders – Students who co-facilitate the trip, handle trip logistics, and ensure a transformative experience for all participants.
    • Trip Leader Applications are closed.
  • 7-12 Participants – Students whose primary responsibility is to fully engage in the social issue, strong direct service, and reflection.
    • Participant Sign Ups can be found here!
  • 1 Learning Partner (UNCG faculty/staff member) – The Learning Partner is meant to provide leadership in times of crisis and serve as an advisor for the Trip Leaders. Learning partners will also manage the cash advance and other trip expenses.
    • Learning Partner Applications can be found here.


2017 Sex Trafficking and Immigration                                                          2017 Food Justice Staycation