Service Trip Program

Mission: Spartan Service Trips immerse students in regional communities and engage them in quality, direct service that promotes education of social and environmental issues. Students reflect on their experiences, and are challenged to grow personally and become active citizens.

Vision: To transform UNCG students into globally conscious, active citizens committed to lifelong use of their knowledge, time & skills to make their community a better place.

As a member of Breakaway, Spartan Service Trips incorporate the Eight Quality Components of an alternative break: Strong Direct Service,  Education, Orientation, Training, Reflection, Reorientation, Diversity, and Alcohol & Drug Free.

Interested in an Exciting and Meaningful Way to Spend Your Breaks?

You have the opportunity to make a real difference! Join fellow UNCG students, faculty, and staff on an OLSL-sponsored, student-led Spartan Service Trip. OLSL sponsors multiple Spartan Service Trips each year.

Our service trips are comprised of:

  • 2 Trip Leaders – Trip Leaders are the cohort of student leaders who facilitate individual Spartan Service Trips. Two students typically co-facilitate a trip, handling the trip logistics and ensuring the participant experience is a transformative one through the inclusion of the Eight Components (issue education, community partner orientation, training, reflection, and reorientation, to name a few).

2017-2018 Trip Leader Applications can be found here!

  • 10-15 Participants -Participants are students who don’t have a leadership role on a trip. Their primary responsibility is to fully engage in the social issue, strong direct service, and reflection, and to use the experience as a catalyst toward active citizenship. On average, there are 8-12 participants on a trip.

2017-2018 Participant Applications will be available soon.

  • 1 Learning Partner (UNCG faculty/staff member) – Faculty and staff members who accompany an alternative break trip are often referred to as Learning Partners. This title acknowledges their unique role as non-peer learners on the trip, while making it clear to the team of participants that the student Trip Leaders are still tasked with facilitating the experience. They are meant to provide leadership in times of crisis and serve as an advisor for the student leaders by providing support throughout the trip. Learning partners will also manage the cash advance and all other related trip expenses.

2017-2018 Learning Partner Applications will be available soon.

Interested in any of these opportunities? Complete our interest form and stay up to date with applications and service options.


Substance-Free Policy

Spartan Service Trips is an alcohol and drug free program.  Trips are substance free because doing so allows participants to focus on the purpose and learning goals of the program, and contributes to the safety and well-being of all participants, the group, and the community in which they are serving.  It also expresses respect for the community and the host organizations with whom participants serve and interact.

All participants and leaders on Spartan Service Trips are not to consume alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs while participating in an service trip.

Consequences of violating the policy include:

  • The individual who violates the policy will be asked to leave the trip after the violation, at their own expense.
  • Individual or group meeting with Service Trip Leaders/Learning Partner during the trip, and meeting with Trip Leaders/Learning Partner and OLSL staff upon return to campus.
  • Referred to the Dean of Students Office.


2016 Special Needs and Abilities                                                               2016 Community Building




2017 Native American Cultural Issues                                                             2017 Sex Trafficking and Immigration




2017 Food Justice Staycation                                                    2017 Arts Initiatives and Social Change



2016 Veterans Trip                                                                                                     2016 Animal Welfare
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