Leadership Challenge Program

Leadership Challenge: Engage Self, Others, and the Future!

Leadership Challenge Program is an institution-wide commitment to offer all UNCG students leadership education, training,
and development through curricular and co-curricular experiences.  These experiences assist students in the development of leadership skills through varied leadership experiences and prepare students to serve as citizen-leaders in a global community.  Leadership development also seeks to engage students in the process of leadership through community engagement and service-learning.

The program is designed out of the Leadership Framework.  The framework is a format
which guides UNCG students in their personal and professional development for life-long leadership.

Bronze: Engage Self

The Bronze level is a road map which promotes life-long and self-directed leadership development.  You will learn to develop and refine your personal leadership philosophy through participation in workshops, service initiatives, learning resources, and group leadership coaching.  Through the Bronze level, you are able to explore leadership with your peers – cohort groups are specialized groups of students who complete Bronze, attending workshops and engaging in reflective activities together.  For a list of cohort groups and contact information for how to join, visit this site.

Interested in pursuing Bronze?  Fill out our interest form and also check out our workshop schedule for upcoming dates!

If you are a post-Bachelor degree seeking student and are interested in the Leadership Challenge, we offer an Executive track.  Please visit our Executive info page for more information.

Requirements for Bronze: Attend (5) workshops, Complete (5) reflection journals after workshops, Complete (10) community service hours, and Complete (1) final reflection at the end of the program

Sliver: Engage Others

Participating students have the opportunity to practice their leadership philosophy, reflect and refine their understanding of leadership as it relates to working with others.  Silver participants receive one-on-one coaching, work on personal growth initiatives,and will learn how their actions impact themselves and the community surrounding them.

Have you completed Bronze and are now interested in pursuing Silver?  Fill out our interest form!

Requirements for Silver: Complete (5) coaching sessions, Participate in the Silver Experience, Complete (15) hours of community service at the same organization, Complete (10) hours of personal/professional development, Complete a visual representation of your Silver experience, Participate in the Silver Expo at Medallion Ceremony, and Maintain active affiliation in an on or off campus organization

Gold: Engage Future

Participating students “Engage the Future” through the creation of a leadership service-learning project that integrates personal and professional interests, the community, and developing leadership in others.  Students select an organization, group, or “cause” for which they can apply the leadership concepts and skills learned through the Leadership Challenge program to improve a real situation in a particular community.  Participants are responsible for identifying a need (with the assistance of the organization), developing alternative solutions to meet the need, selecting an alternative to implement, implementing the solution, and evaluating the result.

Have you completed Bronze and Silver and are now interested in pursuing Gold?  Fill out our interest form!

Requirements for Gold: Complete (60) total project hours – (30) hours each semester that include direct service and administrative project management, Meet monthly (in person or telephone) with your Community Partner and complete required documentation, Attend (2) developmental opportunities, Complete a Project Plan