Peer Leadership Educators

OLSL Peer Leadership Educator Program 

Peer education is the process whereby well-trained and motivated students undertake a formal and organized educational role with their peers.  Through these leadership roles, peer educators assist other students with transitioning to the university, exploring their definition of leadership, and help shape knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes.  Peer Leadership Educators (PLEs) are undergraduate students trained to facilitate in-class educational modules and create workshops specifically designed for indicated group or class needs. The PLEs offer two types of programs: Educational Modules and Operation U-Lead Workshops.

We are currently accepting workshop and module request for Spring 2018! 


Peer Leadership Educator Quick Links:

Educational Modules

Our two educational modules are as follows: the Leadership Educational Module and the Civic Engagement Educational Module. These modules are designed to help students create their personal definition  of leadership or civic engagement.  These workshops enable students to use the information and apply it to their personal, professional, and academic lives.  The best part? We come to you! We facilitate these educational modules during class. To request an educational module, please fill out the request form.

Operation U-Lead Workshops

Student organizations, faculty or staff can also request a workshop specifically designed to meet desired learning outcomes. The PLEs specialize in creating workshops to help student organizations run more efficiently, in addition to aiding a student’s navigation through college. Organizations can request a workshop on over 15 topics ranging from creating an effective team to increasing member motivation. Each workshop is then customized to fit specific needs of the organization. There is also the opportunity for student groups to work with the PLEs to create their own workshops! Click here to see our 19 pre-selected topics. You can request a workshop by filling out the request form.

PLEs also host regularly scheduled public workshops that are open to all students! Check out our Operation U-Lead Workshop Series schedule.

If you have additional questions or need to follow up, please contact Kynnith Francis-Vaughan,